While we might all like to think we are super-human and never have to slow down, the reality is that most of us don’t have the ability to go-go-go until our head hits the pillow each night. For most of us, including the whole team at HDM, we don’t have consistent energy and we’re constantly working with our creativity and productivity flows to achieve the tasks and projects on our to-do list.

Using a combination of knowledge from Human Design, as well as our own self experimentation and exploration, the three of us have learned that we aren’t the people who are meant to grind from sun up to sun down (though sometimes we wish we were). We’ve been exploring as a team what it means to work WITH our own flows instead of against them and how we can best utilize our time, whether we’re feeling “in the flow” or out of it.

Email sequences – what are they, and what do they do? An email is a series of email touchpoints sent over a period of time with a goal of converting/ taking some kind of action. 

An email sequence should do a few things:

Educate them along their path to purchase

Handle any objections they have along the way

Establish your authority and credibility in the industry

Keep you top-of-mind until they’re ready to buy

Start creating emails using the above guidelines as prompts. It could look something like this:

In our latest team meeting, we took some time to talk about trends we are seeing in marketing right now. One common misconception we talked about was the dream of thousands of followers, and that being the measure of success. Enter in influencer marketing where their goal IS thousands of followers, and you get confused brands thinking that is their goal.

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation…

For a brief time in 2006, I was a Character Performer at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. My roster of characters included Winnie The Pooh, Chip, Dale, Mike Wozowski, The White Rabbit and Sneezy. Being a part of “creating magic” is something that’s stuck with me, and I often think about how my time in Florida shaped who I am today, particularly in how I approach marketing. From our initial onboarding and training to brand statements that inspired, here are 3 takeaways from my experience of having Mickey Mouse be my boss.

Setting up a well-functioning workflow can go against your instincts. If your workflow runs well, it means you’ll lose people along the way. A proper client funnel puts those less likely to purchase into a longer nurture sequence that doesn’t push them to buy too soon – while getting those most likely to buy right to your sales page. 

Client journeys exist across all digital platforms – from your social media to your email marketing, your website and online advertisements. Not paying attention to what it takes to get a client to convert means you’re constantly guessing, creating content, and assuming it “doesn’t work”. 

You need photos and content for your website, for social, and for any media – you know that much is true… However, you struggle with a consistent and cohesive (& effective) social presence because you just don’t have custom photos – so hiring a photographer is the obvious answer!

You’ve finally found the right person, it’s the day of the shoot – now what?

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