At Hayley Denker Marketing we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd. We ignite enthusiasm by fostering our team’s collective creativity over "supposed to’s", playfulness over cookie cutter, and human connection over algorithms. We are unafraid to make bold decisions so that you can see your business in HD(M).

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Our processes, how we structure our days, and even our physical spaces are all flexible and ever changing to allow for greater productivity and creative genius. We are openly curious and playful so we never miss an opportunity to move beyond the ordinary.

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We’re constantly reassessing needs and processes to create the best work for our clients. We aren’t stuck doing things one way just because they “work” - we give ourselves permission to explore and reimagine.


We’ve created flexible systems and workflows to support all of our internal work. We make things look easy, but it comes down to organization, communication, and setting things up the right way the first time. 

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Our different perspectives and creative energies allow for a unique flow of new ideas and inspiration. Bouncing ideas off each other in a space of trust creates no limits, no boundaries, just big ideas seen through the lens of our client’s goals.

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Hayley’s career in marketing has paralleled the booming growth of social media. From restaurants to hair salons to healthcare and business coaching, she’s helped grow businesses for the past 15 years by refocusing their goals and putting together a plan to establish REAL results. With an insatiable thirst for learning and a drive to find a solution, she’s found the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing to be exciting and challenging. Outside of marketing and strategy, Hayley spends time with her husband and 2 children in Belmont, MA.


Hayley Denker 

Stephanie’s marketing career unexpectedly took off when she started her role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. With all of the changes and challenges brought on by the recent pandemic, she was focused on fostering the gym’s existing community through social media engagement and enticing new members with unique marketing strategies. After moving to South Carolina with her husband and leaving the fitness world, she has spent lots of time in the food and beverage industry which has taught her the true value of customer service and how to build powerful relationships. When she’s not working, she enjoys being outside, going to the beach, and spending time with family and close friends.

marketing strategist

Nicolette got her start in digital marketing at Jay Shetty founded Icon Media where she wrote and produced social media content for everyone from life coaches to chefs to entrepreneurs. Many of her videos garnered over 2 million in views with the highest reaching 9 million (and counting). Her favorite part of the job was getting to know all the different brands and developing content and a unique voice that amplified their already stellar messaging. In her free time you can usually find her curled up with a good book and her dog in some outside nook drinking all the iced tea she can get her hands on.

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