Summer Vacay Vibes

Field day, recitals, end-of-year celebrations and lots of popsicles – school is out for summer! We can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when all that stretched out before us was 2 ½ months of sleeping in and play dates… but just because we’re adults, does that mean we don’t get summer vacation? 

It IS possible to create that same feeling of freedom and fun, even when working a full time job. Here’s how our team at HDM is embracing summer vibes, all while delivering killer results to our clients.

Hayley: Switching into “summer mode” for me is as dramatic as jumping into an icy pool without even dipping your toe in. My kids are out of school and have high expectations for summer fun, but it’s business as usual for me and my team… so I’ve found ways to adjust that have me feeling the best of both worlds. I take off earlier on Fridays to play with the kids, and will often meet them and my husband at the pool or local splash park, or even take a daytrip to Newburyport. I have some intentional summer projects so I’m off of my phone as much as possible (right now I’m into beading), and we make summer bucket lists so we’re making the most out of each moment together. At work, I set the intention of visiting my clients and colleagues as much as possible – being cooped up in an office during the summer is a quick way to stifle creativity. 

Kaitlyn: Summer for me is about connecting with friends, being outside as much as possible, farmers markets, and just getting to be the sunshine baby I am. Coworking dates at coffee shops, getting a lot of my work done early in the morning so I can go to the creek in the afternoon, and just letting myself be inspired by the longer days and the freedom they provide help me feel creative and connected in this warmer season. 

Steph: Embrace the chaos and savor the slow days! Living in the south means we get a lot more warm weather months throughout the year, but that also means we’re hosting guest after guest after guest. While it’s so unbelievably amazing to have all of our favorite people come stay with us, it can get a little hectic, especially trying to balance work with play. This is where a routine is super helpful! Making time for my daily walks and weekly workouts, as well as making sure my work and “to do” list is scheduled out for the week, allows me the freedom to enjoy slow mornings on the front porch drinking coffee, long walks listening to my favorite podcasts, going to the beach, and enjoying dinners outside with friends.

Nicolette: I try to create a little bit of summer vacation every day! I know, I know, lofty goal. But living in SoCal makes it a little easier. I try to work outside as much as possible and soak up that Vitamin D. I also love making my own fresh squeezed lemonade or limeade and enjoying that as an afternoon treat. It immediately takes me back to summer vacation as a kid. The more I can feel like my work is fun, the more fun I have at work! And when I’m feeling relaxed and my cup is full, I can deliver even better results for my clients. Also, brand new summer pro-tip, see if your neighborhood has a public pool! Our local one is $4 a visit and swimming around in the pool is not only great exercise (and amazing for your back if you sit at a desk a lot) but can also make you feel like a kid all over again (except you set your own bedtime)!

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