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Email Sequences That Convert

Email sequences – what are they, and what do they do? An email is a series of email touchpoints sent over a period of time with a goal of converting/ taking some kind of action. 

An email sequence should do a few things:

  • Educate them along their path to purchase
  • Handle any objections they have along the way
  • Establish your authority and credibility in the industry
  • Keep you top-of-mind until they’re ready to buy

Start creating emails using the above guidelines as prompts. It could look something like this: 

Let’s say you are a clean beauty brand launching a new sunscreen. You set your “trigger” for when this sequence launches as when someone visits the “summer skincare” page of your website, or when they download your lead-gen item.

  • Lead Gen: PDF Chart educating audience on the harmful effects of the sun, and how a quality sunscreen with high SPF can dramatically protect your skin
  • Photos & screen grabs of real-life reviews and users
  • An email showcasing your product being featured in a recent magazine about clean sunscreen
  • FAQ about sunscreen ingredients (& why high quality sunscreen performs better)
  • A list of summer beach bag must-haves (including your product!)
  • Finally, a specially priced bundle of skin care products featuring your new sunscreen

Keep in mind that each email will be sent to multiple customers, likely at different times. Your emails should be evergreen, so that the sequence can continue to run whenever the trigger hits!

Have questions about setting up email sequences? Want to know what our favorite email marketing software is? Send us an email!

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