Working With Your Energy

While we might all like to think we are super-human and never have to slow down, the reality is that most of us don’t have the ability to go-go-go until our head hits the pillow each night. For most of us, including the whole team at HDM, we don’t have consistent energy and we’re constantly working with our creativity and productivity flows to achieve the tasks and projects on our to-do list.

Using a combination of knowledge from Human Design, as well as our own self experimentation and exploration, the three of us have learned that we aren’t the people who are meant to grind from sun up to sun down (though sometimes we wish we were). We’ve been exploring as a team what it means to work WITH our own flows instead of against them and how we can best utilize our time, whether we’re feeling “in the flow” or out of it. 

Some of the things that have helped us are:

  • Taking time each day to tune into our energy – what we have available to us that day, what might be causing us to be drained/filled up/etc. and being honest about it with ourselves
  • Checking in with what we need – whether it be help from another teammate that day, time to get outside and clear our heads, a calendar full of meetings so we can collaborate, or uninterrupted time to just really focus
  • Knowing when to delegate or ask for help on a project or task we feel stuck on – sometimes you just need fresh, clear eyes to be inspired again
  • Planning in breaks in the day – we all need time to walk away from our computer and call a friend, take the dog for a walk, or get our bodies moving
    • This allows us to come back feeling recharged and re-inspired and more productive even though we are “working” less
  • Being honest about deadlines – not just saying we’ll get something done or rushing through it so that it’s off our to-do list
  • Being flexible with our to-do lists
    • Today might not be the day for content creation because you’re not feeling inspired but maybe it is the day to tackle all the admin work and get lost in the details of that task
  • Trusting that it will all get done in due time and working with your energy and creative flows will leave you feeling better, more energized and more productive in the long run (even if it might not make sense in the short run)

The result? We’re able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and the company without the stress of the hustle. Leaning into our authentic energy actually helps us produce better work and better results for our clients. 

-Kaitlyn Wolin-

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