Boston Trip Q1 2023 – Gangs All Together

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:02 AM

Is it time to go back to Boston yet? Our trip was so fun!

Stephanie Switzer  9:02 AM


So fun to finally just be in the same room together!

I loved having you in Charleston to hang and get to know each other before the week in Boston

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:04 AM

I know – it’s hard to believe that was the first time we had the team together. We just meld so well!

And yes I loved that too and getting to travel & stay together.

Stephanie Switzer  9:04 AM

Didn’t feel, for even a second, like it was the first time we were together

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:05 AM

I know I love that! It was also so nice to see some clients again in person and meet others for the first time.

It’s so much better in person than over zoom.

Stephanie Switzer  9:05 AM

Everything is so much better in person! So glad we got the opportunity to do that and can’t wait to do it again!!

I loved getting to meet our clients finally

As busy as the week was and as productive as we were, I feel like it went by too fast.

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:06 AM

Way too fast! Not enough time for sure, and never enough sweetgreen.

Stephanie Switzer  9:07 AM

Certainly enough coffee

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:07 AM

I think I’m still shaking from the amount of espressos I had. But the new coffee set up is just too good!

And I loved playing barista to everyone who came to visit the office!

Stephanie Switzer  9:08 AM

Yes!! Queen barista!! (better than the title of OCD cleaning lady)

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:09 AM

Haha I’m dying but honestly we need you!

Stephanie Switzer  9:10 AM

We all need each other. It’s the only way we function!

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:11 AM

Very true! What do you think was your favorite part of the trip?

Stephanie Switzer  9:13 AM

Hmm – shockingly the photo shoot? But also just the banter between us all – from the pick ups before dropping Hayley’s kids off at school to lunches at the office to our target run

WAIT I CHANGE MY MIND – Back bar. For sure.

What about you?

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:16 AM

I loved all of that! I think just the moments of us all being together was my favorite part.

I’m so happy you loved the photoshoot! I think the photos turned out great.

Stephanie Switzer  9:19 AM

I’m not usually a fan of getting my photo taken but I LOVE how they turned out!

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:19 AM

Hayley making us laugh hysterically every shot haha I can’t believe we even got any serious shots.

Stephanie Switzer  9:21 AM

  makes me laugh just thinking about it

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:25 AM

Same! And I know next trip will be even better – if that’s even possible!

Stephanie Switzer  9:28 AM

I already can’t wait for it!

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