Someone called Hayley a “marketing whiz” last week – so we’re running with it. Bear with us. Picture this: you’re a wizard with a wand, conjuring up irresistible offers that draw people to your brand like moths to a flame. That’s the kind of magic we’re aiming for when we talk about lead magnets. So, […]

You’re scrolling through Instagram before bed and you come across a cute post, some doctors dancing to a Meghan Trainor song. You smile a little and keep scrolling. And that song and dance comes up again, and again, and again in your feed. You’re immediately seized with one of two feelings. “Oh my gosh, yes! I can’t wait to do this with the team.” Or, “Oh my god, I don’t have the time for this. I’m going to have to get out the ring light. I can’t dance! I don’t want to do this!” 

Jumping on trending content is something that a lot of marketers push because, “It’s easy engagement! You want to be relevant!” But the truth is, not every trend is right for every individual or brand.

 If you’re in that “seized with dread group” you probably feel some guilt around NOT jumping on the latest trends, – like you’re doing a disservice to your business. But the reality is that hopping on every trend is NOT the determining factor for your social media marketing success. In fact, hopping on every trend could actually be weakening your brand instead of strengthening your reach.

For any business, having systems in place is vital to not only everyone’s sanity but also to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Without them, there would be chaos. Reliable and effective systems will reduce wasted time, can cut costs, can help optimize resource allocations, and can cut down turnaround time on tasks. But, you need the RIGHT systems in place – otherwise, it’s a waste of time and energy. From internal operational workflows to having a central platform to manage your customer base to finding an application that will help organize an entire teams’ tasks – it all matters.

Summer Vacay Vibes

Jun 20, 2023

Field day, recitals, end-of-year celebrations and lots of popsicles – school is out for summer! We can’t help but feel nostalgic for the days when all that stretched out before us was 2 ½ months of sleeping in and play dates… but just because we’re adults, does that mean we don’t get summer vacation? 

It IS possible to create that same feeling of freedom and fun, even when working a full time job. Here’s how our team at HDM is embracing summer vibes, all while delivering killer results to our clients.

Kaitlyn Wolin  9:02 AM

Is it time to go back to Boston yet? Our trip was so fun!

Stephanie Switzer  9:02 AM


So fun to finally just be in the same room together!

I loved having you in Charleston to hang and get to know each other before the week in Boston.

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