The Process of a Workflow

Setting up a well-functioning workflow can go against your instincts. If your workflow runs well, it means you’ll lose people along the way. A proper client funnel puts those less likely to purchase into a longer nurture sequence that doesn’t push them to buy too soon – while getting those most likely to buy right to your sales page. 

Client journeys exist across all digital platforms – from your social media to your email marketing, your website and online advertisements. Not paying attention to what it takes to get a client to convert means you’re constantly guessing, creating content, and assuming it “doesn’t work”. 

We’ve mapped out a plan below to approach your client journey and get curious around your marketing – are you delivering the right message at the right time?

Start With A Plan

Before you create any content or start writing copy, do some research into your best customers and what their journey was in finding you and eventually purchasing your goods or services. This kind of story alignment ensures you aren’t guessing what your audience is drawn to, but listening to what is already working.

Focus On What Will Initially Attract.

This is your inbound marketing plan comes in to play. Inbound marketing attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. This is your blog, your social media, podcasts – this is what you put out into the world to get their attention and draw them in. You aren’t selling… YET. 

Nurture Your Audience.

Through your website, social and (especially) email marketing, this is where you nurture your audience. Think engagement strategies, giving them more information on the products or services they’ve already expressed interest in. 


Seal the deal. With CTAs, retargetting ads and making direct offers to your audience. Speak directly to what has appealed to them in the past, and show them why they need you.

Don’t Stop Now; Engage!

Create brand enthusiasts through social media & follow up reviews to get more referrals and exposure your brand to more people like your audience! 

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